Bottomless wringer with adjustable rubber roll and shaped varnished handle

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GREEN SPARE WRINGER is an ergonomic bottomless wringer system for flaps system. Ideal for large areas and frequent cleaning thanks to ergonomics and high efficiency of the system.


  • Ergonomic: Wringing with roll allows an effort reduction of 30% in comparison with traditional wringers
  • Effective: wringing mechanism keeps constant the moistness of the mop avoiding operator’s subjectivity
  • Time-saving: with bottomless wringer rinsing and wringing take place with one single simple movement inside the wringer, saving time and effort
  • Versatile: possibility to adjust mop’s moistness thanks to the 3 different positions of the roll
  • The roll is adjustable in 3 different positions (position 1= very wet mop; standard position= wet mop; position 3= damp mop).
  • Complete with front anti-spurt panel.
  • Equipped with a handle holder to fix the handle during transport

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 28 × 55 cm


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